About Us

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This year, as has been the case with so many things, the Bishop’s Appeal has undergone changes. The most obvious change is that the new name to the campaign, which is now the Diocesan Appeal.

By now, you should have received a mailing directly from the Diocesan Office of Stewardship and Development. This mailing offered an explanation regarding the changes and included the paperwork necessary for you to mail your donation directly to the Diocese.

If you have already sent in your donation, I thank you. If you have not yet offered your gift, I ask that you give it prayerful consideration and respond
promptly. The appeal closes on June 30, 2021. Your gift can be made online at donate.thediocesanappeal.org or you can send your check, payable to

Diocesan Appeal to Diocesan
Appeal, 20 N. Main Avenue, Albany, NY 12203.
Thank you for your generosity, both to your parish and to the Diocese.

Yours in Christ,
Father Edward J. Golding

Grief Ministry

If you have suffered loss recently or a while ago,
our Grief Ministry is available to help by offering
solace and empathy. We offer a listening ear,
compassion, and possible recommendations/
direction for a positive life journey moving forward
with the help of our Faith!
Kathy: 376.1633, katscr74@gmail.com.

Pastoral Care ~ Caring for the Sick

Do you know a Catholic friend, neighbor, or relative,
who is homebound, in the hospital, or nursing home?
Please call the office to arrange for one of our ministers
of the sick to bring the Eucharist or just to visit for a spell.

Our Pastoral Care Ministry can be reached by leaving a
message at 865.7394 and dialing Extension 207. One of
our ministers, who will be happy to visit, will be in touch